AutoSave in Office 365

Microsoft Office are rolling out a new feature which Autosaves in Office 365.  This saves the open file as you go along.  No longer do you need to remember to keep pressing SAVE.  However, you may need to review some of your working practices so it doesn’t cause an issue.

For example:

  • Have you ever started changing a document or spreadsheet and realised you have done something wrong. So you close the file, don’t save it and return to the original one.


  • You open the original file, make your changes, then save as a different name.

The New Autosave would stop this, as the file would be saved in real time.


How to work with the new Autosave

When you open a file, you will see the Autosave is switched on.  This can be easily changed to OFF if you do not wish to save in real time.


How can I get back to the original file?

Click on the file name at to the top of your screen.

Select Version History.  All versions will be displayed on the right of your screen.  Select the version that corresponds with the time and date that you originally saved the file.


How can I switch off Autosave?

If you don’t want to Autosave the current file, slide the Autosave to OFF.

If you wish to switch off Autosave permanently, go to FILE, OPTIONS, SAVE.  Deselect Autosave One Drive and Sharepoint Online files by default.




The Autosave feature is great and means we don’t have to remember to keep saving.  However, it is important to be conscious that it is switched on and the file will be automatically updated.