AutoSave… again!

This little box has got a lot to answer for! Once again I got caught out! I opened a file in Word, started working on it and the Autosave saved the new version. Goodbye original file!!! I should know better. I need to change my working practices. When I open a file, I need to …

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AutoSave in Office 365

Microsoft Office are rolling out a new feature which Autosaves in Office 365.  This saves the open file as you go along.  No longer do you need to remember to keep pressing SAVE.

How to Inspect a Document or Presentation

Have you ever seen a document that is meant to be the final version but still has a draft watermark, or you can still see the track changes?  Maybe you have received a Powerpoint file from an organisation that still has the Speaker’s notes attached or comments included.  This can look unprofessional and have disastrous results for the sender.