Face to Face Training

When booking training you probably need to consider the following:

  • Level of the staff requiring to be trained (are they a beginner, intermediate or advanced user).
  • What tasks are they using the software for?
  • Are they new to the software or have they been using it for a while, and want to increase their knowledge?
  • Do you have a suitable training room? If not we can book facilities for you at a convenient location for your staff.  (This will increase the standard course price).

We are happy to carry out a free training needs analysis to see which level your staff may be, or to talk through the course outlines and options to tailor a solution for your organisation.

Staff offsite or Remote working

We offer webinar based training for those staff not based in the office.  Contact us for more information.

Courses Offered:

Computers are provided for groups of up to 6 people. A maximum group of 6 is recommended.

Other Courses

We often run workshops and short courses at different locations around Kent.  Look out for these on our website.  Prices vary between £40 and £90 depending on the type/length of the workshop.

If you only have one person who requires training look out for details of our open courses.  Anyone can book and they take place in a variety of locations.  These are advertised on our Website, Twitter, Linked in and Facebook.  If you don’t see an open course in your area, contact us, and we may consider running one.

We also train other packages such as SAGE, Adobe products (Dreamweaver, Indesign, Photoshop etc), AutoCad, and Mailchimp.  Please contact us for more information and costs.

Course outlines

Below are our standard course outlines.  It is possible to tailor these to suit your requirements.  For example some organisations like to take a few topics from the Introduction course and a few from the Intermediate course.