Computer Training - Our Online Courses

We have split our Excel courses into online friendly bit sized sessions.  All are instructor led with small groups.   You can target the session you require for £27 per session.  Or if you want to improve your Excel skills overall book the whole course for £97.  Alternatively, if there are several courses you are interested in book three sessions and get third one free.  If you have more than one person in your organisation who wants training, get in touch and we can work out a price for you.

Upcoming Events

  • Excel – Working with Data and Tables

    Excel – Working with Data and Tables

    When you create a table in Excel, filters, sorting, adding formula and expanding your table become much easier.
  • Excel – Vlookup

    Excel – Vlookup

    Vlookup allows us to extract information from elsewhere on the spreadsheet, or popular a list depending on an item in another table.
  • Excel – Pivot Tables

    Excel – Pivot Tables

    A pivot table allows you to analyse and summarise data. You can use it to quickly total or count a criteria that appears in your table.
  • Excel Fundamentals

    Excel Fundamentals

    This webinar will teach the basics of Excel. How to create a Spreadsheet, and input / edit your data.


Formula – The Basics
Formatting and Editing
The Basic Functions (Sum, Average, Min, Max, Count)
Formula – next steps (relative and absolute cells references)
Printing and layouts
Working with Multiple Sheets and Files
Creating Charts
Working with Tables and lists
Pivot Tables
Get and Transform
Advanced functions (sum ifs, countifs, Ifs)


Working with Long Documents
Mail Merge is not just for letters!
Making Word Documents Accessible
Shortcuts, quick parts and tips


Creating and collating online forms


The Fundamentals – creating a presentation
Making infographics
Working with graphics and pictures
Creating a presentation without death by Powerpoint

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